Ronél de Beer

Clinical Psychologist 

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." - C.G. Jung

About me 

I am a Clinical Psychologist in private practice, based in Panorama. I have a deep appreciation for the human mind and the process of psychotherapy, and consider it a great privilege to be part of each client’s process. My approach to therapy focuses on raising awareness and gaining insights into your behavior, helping you regulate emotions, working through past and present difficulties and helping you to act from a place of self-directedness. This process is aimed at facilitating growth and change by collaboratively working through what is troubling you, and ultimately helping you to live a meaningful life where you have satisfying relationships, can cope with adversities and live a life true to yourself. I place great value on the therapeutic relationship, as I believe the confidential, empathic and containing nature of this relationship is the cornerstone of the therapy process.

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What I offer

People often choose to enter into psychotherapy when feeling overwhelmed and distressed, or when ready to engage in a process of personal growth.

My clients are usually individuals aged 18 and older who are seeking psychotherapy for:



Loss and Grief

Life Transitions, such as Aging, Relocation or Divorce

Work Stress

Relationship Difficulties

Personal Growth

The first session or two is generally aimed at understanding your current circumstances and needs, after which you and I will discuss what would work best for you.

I offer both short and long term psychotherapy in Afrikaans and English.



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Phone: 021 930 2177


Address: 48 Hennie Winterbach, Panorama, 7500

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